Electronic register for booking automation

Online-assistant for efficient communication.

To start – make a registration

Build a strong connection with your customers. It is simple to do with our platform

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Easy booking and communication with your clients for development of your business

Booking automation and effective communication with customers

Our electronic register allows your customer to make an appointment much easier. System is adaptive for all businesses, where the service must be provided on time. Beyond that our online assistant will make communication with your customers much more effective. Now you are available to your visitors:





days a week




days a year


Electronic registration book for administrator

  • Allows to make and keep records of your customers in automatic mode.
  • Sends notices and reminders to customers, informs about promotions or discounts.
  • Provides one-click records management.

Full integration with your business

Adaptive solution for all kinds of business. It helps to expand your customer network, to manage your log more efficiently ant to monitor the work of your staff. Our system will allow you to organize effective communication with your customers and improve your quality of service.

Online assistant

Now it’s possible. Your personal robot manager

The main functionality of the program


Electronic registration book

Helps to automate the recording and customers accounting. Allow your customers to choose the suitable time and make a reservation easy. Our system helps you to contact your customers in a convenient form and send an automatic notification.


Online Assistant

Provides communication with customers in most messengers via a single platform. Choose if one operator or their unlimited number simultaneously should be engaged in a dialogue. Save time of your employees with a virtual assistant.


Automatic Notifications

Your customers will be automatically notified about booking via SMS or messenger. Determine yourself, when and how you want to remind about the recording by you.


Adaptive settings and design

The settings of the log and the online assistant are fully adaptable to your needs and design of your site. A user-friendly interface allows you to easily and efficiently manage your individual customer records.


Expansion of your customer network

Expand your customer network with a simple and punctual service. We will take care of opening new communication channels with your customers.


CRM-system and integration

Our customer relationship management system will allow you organize your business more efficiently. The system is easy compatible with your technical solutions.